Hanson To Perform At 2013 O Music Awards: What To Wear When You Watch


Taylor, Isaac, and Zac Hanson.
Photo: Getty Images

Two things. Tomorrow is the O Music Awards's Live Day, AND *takes deeeeeeeeeep breath because this is the most exciting thing I've said all day* HANSON is performing!!!! As in THIS Hanson. As in the three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma who struck pop GOLD in the late '90s thanks to rosy cheeks and a seriously underrated debut single (I'm, of course, referring to "MMMBop"). These bros are getting together to play the O Music Awards Live Music Day Festival which kicks off tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT and lasts for 24 HOURS and is aaaaall streamed online. Since we know you'll be tuning in from home but will still want to look put togeths (because IDK about you, but Hanson was *IT* for me in 4th grade and they've only gotten better with age), we've put together a li'l outfit suggestion for your big night in with the boys.


Your Hanson-watching outfit.
Photo: Zara/Urban Outfitters/Etsy/Nasty Gal

Since, if you're planning on watching the whole thing start to finish, you're going to be settling in for a long-haul, this ensemble is cute without sacrificing any comfort. The biggest fashion homage to Hanson and their retro classic ringer-t-shirts-over-long-sleeves steez would be an over-sized sporty sweater like this one from Zara. Slip on a little beaded Etsy bracelet to put yourself back in that school-age mindset and whip out your favorite nail polish. Bonus: it's also good for writing "Mrs. Hanson" all over your notebooks. Finally, finish the outfit off with a punch of color and print via these Nasty Gal flower patch leggings. Because "plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose, you can plant any one of those!" HAPPY WATCHING!


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