Justin Bieber Has A Tattoo Sleeve Now

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber debuts filled in tattoo sleeve.
Photo: Splash News

Welp, at this point, we're just confirming the inevitable. Justin Bieber has finally gotten that left forearm tattoo sleeve. We say "inevitable" because the way he's been racking up permanent emblems on that specific spot over the past several months more than suggested that this would be on the horizon. It started innocently enough, Biebsy inked himself with "Believe" in cartoon block letters in commemoration of his coming-of-age album of the same name. Then, he added this owl illustration. Next to that, he branded himself with a mysterious "X," and from there, the progression accelerates to break-neck speeds.

After a brief flirtation with gas masks, Justin stocked his arm up with three new tattoos: a koi fish, a Selena Gomez-esque angel, and a growling tiger to look over them both from his bicep. By the time he added that knight ink, we KNEW this was right around the corner. As far as the actual filler, it loooooks like some sort of castle structure surrounded by thrashing waves, maybe a violent moat? We have no idea, but LOOK, there it is!

What do you think of Justin Bieber's tattoo sleeve?

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