Drake, Psy, Cody Simpson And More Dudes Bust Out The Pretty At MuchMusic Video Awards

Last night in Toronto there was a whole lotta hullabaloo going down at the 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards (affectionately called the “MMVAs”). There was sangin’ and dancin’ and fussin’ and preenin’. And sure, the ladies preened up real nice—some classy broads all over that joint—but the dudes may have out-prettied them. Traditionally a gent can throw on some fancy jeans, a leather jacket and a hint of scruff to be music-award-show-ready, but at the 2013 MMVAs, bad boy chic was not up to par. Mermaid tails, muscles and looks of passion were de rigeur.



Uh huh honey.
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The night’s most pleasant and handsome surprise came when Drake unexpectedly sauntered on stage to accept his award for Hip-Hop Video of the Year. And sure, while his T-shirt and jeans may not burst with effort, dig a little deeper. The man’s been working on his fitness, so technically his months of gym time have all led to this moment. The moment where he lifts his trophy, a bicep twinkles in the night, and his smile launches a thousand ships.



Psy wins the prancing awards of the night.
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Being fancy is Psy’s thing, and being prancy is Psy’s thing. Even though he was consistently sashaying across the stage—performing twice and even doing his own rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” dance—the night’s co-host kept it high-brow and formal, because it was past 6 p.m., and he’s not a farmer.


Tyler Hoechlin

Teen Wolf, Mean Coiffe.
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Waaaaaait a second. How did Teen Wolf get in here with his direct defiance of dress code? Answer: Tyler’s like, really pretty.


Marianas Trench

They're not Mermaids, they're MerMEN.
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In one foul swoop, Canada’s favourite (< -- Canadian spelling included) mischief-makers out-prettied everyone. All dudes, all ladies, all sidewalk pugs. Marianas Trench lead singer Josh’s signature side-swept blue hair takes a third of the credit, but the rest goes to these mermaid tails. Now that’s ~*~glamour~*~.


Cody Simpson

Put those muscles away until you're 25.
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When did Cody Simpson obtain muscles the size of Corollas? Are you allowed to have pythons when you’re 16 years old? Although at first glance his get-up says, “I rolled off my surf board and threw on a sleeveless combo," his hair says, “two hours in the salon” and his denim says, “I’ve been lifting weights and drinking raw eggs, so feast on THIS.” We’re not allowed to talk about the kid like this, are we? Gross. Go away.


The Janoskians

We can see that your effort has paid off. Now shirts on.
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These Australian rabble-rousers, not to be out-muscled, threw away their T-shirts and dropped trou for a spirited performance of “look at us! We’re ca-raayy-zy! And we have abs.”


Big Sean

Looks of Passion: A new fragrance by Big Sean.
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Let’s just get it out of the way and say, “good job Big Sean, you’re pulling off the Miguel look terrifically, we bet you smell very nice.” But what we really want to talk about is this H-Town Knockin’ Da Boots moment happening with his honey Naya Rivera. (Which, WHAT?! Hot couple alert. Please tell us more.) Big Sean spouts big talk about givin’ the D, but we’re delighted to find that he’s also a master of gooey-eyed looooove. A+.

*Fans self* Whew. Who do you think wins the pretty war at this year’s MMVAs?

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