Celebrate The Return Of 'True Blood' With This Bloody Good Nail Art

True Blood Nail Art

Photo: Via Brit Nails

You guys, it legit seems like FOREVER since we've watched/discussed/drooled over our favorite True Blood characters. Between Bill, Eric, Alcide and Jason we could barely keep our shiz together when their chiseled abs graced our small screen, and luckily, the Bon Temps drama has returned after a long-awaited hiatus for its sixth (!!!) season. The premiere, which happened last night, was a friendly reminder that we need more vampy goodness in our lives, so to celebrate, we rounded up five amazing nail designs to show off our True Blood fandom in the most fashiony way possible. First up, a GORGEOUS set that features a straight-up perfect dark-to-light red ombre, splattered blood, the show's logo, and a drippy tip. Killer.

True Blood Nail Art

Photo: Via Amber Did It

OK, this next mani is mind-blowing—this nail artist actually added stiletto tips to her pointer and pinky finger to create bloody vampire fangs, and we are dead over it.

True Blood Nail Art

Photo: Via Gorgeois

For a girlier take on the straight-up vampire fang mani, swap out a traditional red polish with one that has glitter, and (for a touch of much-needed drama) create a mouth that opens and closes by placing your thumb and ring finger together.

True Blood Nail Art

Photo: Via Wacky Laki

For something a bit more minimal, we love this splattered blood mani that looks equally artsy as it does scary. Warning: we wouldn't suggest this look if you work in the food industry—that's just freaky.

True Blood Nail Art

Photo: Via Toxic Vanity

Finally, we peep this INSANELY well-painted set with the True Blood logo shining in all its gory glory paired the infamous vampire lips from the original series poster. But, you guys, how out of control is the shading/detail/basically everything in this set?! *bows down*

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