Been Trill Teases Yeezus Tour Merch In London

Heron Preston wears Yeezus x Been Trill shirt.
Photo: @heronpreston’s Instagram

Kanye West’s Yeezus album has yet to enjoy its official release (get your plastics ready for purchase time tomorrow!), but that isn’t stopping the Been Trill crew (which includes Ye’s friend and style consultant Virgil Abloh) from teasing out what their captions are describing as “tour merch #yeezus x ##” (## being shorthand for the art collective often stylized “#been #trill”). Knee-jerk reaction is shock that without the album in anyone’s hands, there’s already talk (and maybe confirmation?) of a tour, but since we’re about FASHUN here, we’re going to talk about this “merch” aspect. First up, Heron Preston, late Been Trill recruit and that dude behind the bootleg Nascar factory defect shirts, posted this snap of himself wearing a black long-sleeved shirt printed with Yeezy’s mug from the “New Slaves” projections across the front and “YEEZUS” in all caps with fangs down the exterior letters along both sleeves (better look here).

“Global Projections” tees.
Photo: @virgilabloh’s Instagram

Virgil himself wore the shirt as a kind of mask/Yeezus beard at the Hood By Air x Corgi London Men’s Collection event this weekend, and uploaded the above photo which appears to be the back of the same design. It features a wireframe illustration of the same globe on Kanye’s website which links to the listing of projection sites. And according to Abloh’s caption, these are appropriately dubbed the “Global Projections” tees.

Virgil Abloh wears “Not For Sale” shirt.
Photo: @heronpreston’s Instagram

That’s not all, though! Yeezy Stans that we are, we also spotted this shot of Virgil on Heron’s Instagram. It’s unclear, but we’re preeeeetty sure V’s tee reads, “NOT FOR SALE.” As in, THIS “New Slaves” on Saturday Night Live “NOT FOR SALE.” But like, does that mean it’s actually not for sale? Come to think of it, are any of these for sale? Because that does raise questions about the motives behind making products for a song that grapples so much with consumerism… *shrug* Without any concrete information, we won’t dwell on it too much as this could always just be a Friends & Family thing, but that won’t keep us from being eyeballs deep in excitement about it.

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