Hey Kanye West, You Should Totally Get This Stuff Made For Your Baby Girl!

Kimye baby girl

DISCLAIMER: None of these products actually exist IRL. We're just excellent at Photoshop.
Photo: Givenchy/BabyBib/Nike/Pyrex Vision/Green Daisies/A Bathing Ape/Photoshop: Gaby Wilson

This morning, Kim Kardashian gave boyfriend Kanye West the ULTIMATE Father's Day present: reportedly giving birth to their brand new baby girl and officially making him a dad just in time for the holiday! Ye may have his hands full at the moment with the much-anticipated release of his Yeezus album right around the corner, but he's also made explicitly clear just how excited he is to be a father. Knowing Yeezy, we think it's pretty safe to say that this baby girl is going to be better dressed than most fully developed humans, and the likelihood that much of her closet will be stocked with exclusive one-of-one pieces is extremely high. New momma Kim said it best during a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this year, "If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is, and I think he’s going to have things, like, specially made. I don’t think hand-me-downs are going to work. I think it has to be, like, really fun stuff." We've heard scant of this "really fun stuff" since then, but if Mr. West is fielding suggestions, we have a few.

Being that we're intimately familiar with Kanye's style, we like to think we have some idea of what he might want to see on his little girl, so by the magic of technology, we fabricated a few 100% fake, fantasy pieces that we hope he gets custom-made. Kind of a fashion market version of fanfic. Kanye loves Givenchy and so does Kim, so it only makes sense that this baby girl gets the Tisci treatment. We're really into the idea of rendering the rhinestone star collars from Givenchy's Fall/Winter 2012 menswear collection onto a bib. Jury's out on whether that kind of embellishment would be super hard to clean, but then again, we're really not sure it matters if you're already dressing a baby in Givenchy.

Virgil Abloh has been working with Kanye for so many years now, we're pretty sure he's obligated to hook baby Kimye up with some custom Pyrex Vision togs (though, we're sure he would want to do it regardless). We'd love to see Kim and Kanye's baby girl in a onesie version of the Pyrex varsity flannels. It's a little hot for summertime, but fall is right around the corner.

Kanye recently worked on a limited edition A Bathing Ape tee in honor of the streetwear label's 20th anniversary. Since he was already getting his creative design juices flowing, it wouldn't have been that far-off for him to have planted a seed with Nigo about putting something special together for his daughter. Say, for instance, a Baby Milo pacifier?

Finally, item we're not just suggesting, not even requesting, but DEMANDING Kanye swag his baby girl out with: teeny tiny, infant-sized Air Yeezy 2 sneakers. In our eyes, there's pretty much no excuse if this doesn't end up happening since Poppa Ye designed these kicks himself. The black colorway is arguably the most iconic of the bunch, but with all the play those new red ones have been getting, he (and Nike) should probably throw in that second pair while they're at it.

What custom stuff do you hope Kanye West and Kim Kardashian get made for their new baby girl?


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