Kanye West 'Stan Swag': Praise Yeezus For The Michael Jordan Of Fan Merch

Did you know Kanye West has a new album coming out next week? It's kind of a small project, and Ye generally downplays everything he does, so it's understandable that you might not have heard about it... JOKES. Yeezus the man and the record have been everywhere for the better part of the past month and definitely this week. From premiering music at Governors Ball to celebrating his birthday with a star-studded party, from his Manhattan album listening party to the New York Times interview heard 'round the world, Kanye has ramped the anticipation for his sixth studio album waaaay up over the last few days. As we broach release week (the album officially drops on Tuesday, remember?), we want to make sure all the true blue Kanye fans are prepared for the coming of Yeezus. Thus, we've wrangled up a haul of the best Yeezy fan merch (affectionately termed around here as "Stan Swag") for your consumption. And don't worry, it's all (relatively) reasonably priced, so you won't be spending everything on Alexander Wang.

Throwing back to Watch The Throne, this Product of Privilege piece pulls from one of the most quotable lyrics in "N***** in Paris"—"Prince William ain’t do it right if you ask me/ 'Cause if I was him I would have married Kate and Ashley"—and slaps it on a tank top with a black and white photo of (duh) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Also, it gets us that much more excited about the distinct potential for fashion lyrics on Yeezus. This purgatory period between My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus is immortalized in this Culture Kings "Yeezus Taught Me" tee, meshing the forthcoming album with the "Yeezy Taught Me" skit track from MBDTF featuring Chris Rock.

Of all the "Stan Swag" round-ups we've done so far, Kanye juuuust might have the best t-shirts. Rounding out our haul are this varsity Price of Fame Yeezy tee ('77 is his birth year), and this BBP crewneck depicting "Kanye In A Relationship" a.k.a. "Givenchy Kanye" with Kim Kardashian wearing the $6,000 Giueseppe Zanotti heels he designed for his first Paris Fashion Week show.

If cotton basics aren't your thing, and you're looking for something you can wear every day to rep Yeezy (and avoid being accused of never doing laundry), we've got you covered. Not everyone can afford a Jesus piece or Maison Martin Margiela gem encrusted mask, but one accessory from Kanye's long-storied fashion past is the Dee and Ricky red Lego heart pin. Big Cartel shop Can You Feel It? is selling a version for just $10! And if Ye's Air Yeezy 2s have been out of your reach for too long—either monetarily or because you'd prefer not to be walking Hocus Pocus-style sneakerhead bait—this replica necklace by Etsy shop MERYSTACHE is perfect solution.

Throughout his star-spangled career, Mr. West has grown and evolved. From the pink polo-clad college dropout to Kanye in a kilt, from Martin Louis the King, Jr. to the Yeezus we know today, we've seen a lot of versions of Ye since his 2004 debut album, and we like to think of this canvas print by Awkward Breakfast as a celebration of all of them. Featuring five Kanyes (four in sweatshirts that read "KANYE" in all caps and one in the center [some might say the nucleus] in a throne wearing a robe embroidered with a bordered of "ME"s), two symmetrical portraits of Yeezy in shuttershades, AND a cameo from Mercy the cat (R.I.P.), this is a must for any die-hard Kanye fan. Truly.

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