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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson performs SANS engagement ring.
Photo: Getty Images

• WOOPSIES! Kelly Clarkson lost her canary diamond engagement ring mid-performance at the CMA Music Festival. But before you send out a search party... {Kelly Clarkson's Twitter}

• A "well-dressed thief" swiped two Tiffany’s necklaces worth nearly $100K from the Fifth Avenue flagship last week. He just lifted them from the counter, making the sting both the most boring and fascinating jewel heist ever. {Fashionista}

• Diamond experts have developed several tests to help you determine if your rock is fake. SUHWEET! Wait, let me get a rock first. {Racked}

VFiles announced a Bling Ring capsule collection by releasing a surveillance tape of the brand's SoHo store being robbed. Well, fake-robbed. So don't get any ideas. They probably want you to buy the clothes. {Refinery 29}

• If you haven't heard New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde’s earthwormy tune “Royals” yet, listen to it NOW because it brings a whole new meaning to "diamonds on your timepiece." {Vimeo}

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