Would You Wear These Lensless Glasses?

lensless glasses

Maison Martin Margiela gold half-frame lensless glasses.

Look, we know the whole lensless glasses thing isn't new. I mean, just last year at precisely this time, we watched as the 2012 NBA Finals morphed into a kind of fashion face-off centered on the things. But these? These Maison Martin Margiela gold half-frame specs (if you can even call them that) are a completely different story. Instead of thick, Buddy Holly frames these are of the dainty reading glasses variety wherein only the upper half of the frame exists and is rendered in some sort of metal. Without lenses though, this is really just a strangely cut, hinged headband that you just happen to wear on your face.

Billed as "Thick metal half-frame decorative eyewear," by SSENSE, this, erm, accessory really just reminds us of the eyewear Cyclops (James Marsden) wears in X2: X-Men United, but you know, functionless and hundreds of dollars. $546 to be exact. (Down from $780! You save 30%! *gulp*) Aside from being preeeetty expensive, these "glasses" are really just confusing, and I wish I was seeing them worn on a human face, not just sitting around on a white seamless. Not because I'd be more persuaded to buy them that way, but just, you know, because.

What do you think of these half-frame lensless glasses, though? Would you wear them?

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