Beyonce Launches Limited Edition Heat Fragrance For The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour


Beyonce launches new Heat fragrance in honor of Mrs. Carter tour.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr/Beyonce Parfums

Beyonce's The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour is shaping up to be a kind of magical fashion Easter egg hunt, each month or week or day unveiling a new style-centric facet to the international concert behemoth. First, there was the high fashion custom designer performance wardrobe (which BTW just keeps growing, see: the above printed gown which we've never seen before and suspect to be a Pucci [UPDATE: It's Roberto Cavalli!] add for "Standing on the Sun" for the North American leg of the tour). Then, we found those dress rentals included in her VIP ticket package, she made her tour merch available online, and she decided to auction off an opportunity to be part of her concert style team for a night. NOW, King Bey is commemorating her world tour with a limited edition of her Heat fragrance created specifically with The Mrs. Carter Show in mind.

The now-fourth iteration of Beyonce's Heat perfumes, this Mrs. Carter version appears, by description only, to be a lighter counterpart to her previous scent ventures (scentures?) Heat Rush, Midnight Heat, and the OG Heat. "I love my music, I love performing, and most of all, I love and appreciate my fans," Bey explained in a release, "I wanted to give them a special remembrance of this tour, and I created this scent to reflect the power, passion, and playfulness I put into my performances." (Try saying that three times fast.) Want to cop a limited edition bottle for yourself? Keep your eyes glued toward Macy's and later this month for the official launch!

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