5 Killer 'Jurassic Park' Manicures To Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary!

We hope you're sitting down because we're about to share some news that'll make you feel really, REALLY old, y'all—tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park being released in theaters. Whew! On June 11, 1993 the Steven Spielberg-directed dino flick hit audiences nationwide and is (still!) one of the highest-grossing films of all time in the U.S. Earlier this spring, the film was re-released in 3D, and there's STILL talk that a Jurassic Park 4 will eventually come to fruition in 2014. Either way, there's a whole lotta reasons to celebrate the prehistoric reptiles as of late, so we rounded up some killer (heh) Jurassic Park-themed manis to (stylishly) commemorate this iconic moment in movie history. First up, we have a nail set inspired by the black, red, and yellow film poster with the signature T-Rex skeleton silhouette, white outlined typeface and infamous water ripple.

Jurassic Park Nail Art

Photo: Via Manicurity

Hold onto your butts—this design replicated the oh-so-creepy Velociraptor eyes. *shivers* She created an amazing snakeskin effect with three shades of green along the majority of her mani, but added the perfect shaded eyeball as an accent nail on her middle finger. (P.S.- You HAVE to peep this set side by side with the dinos to see the dead-on accuracy. *bows down*)

Jurassic Park Nail Art

Photo: Via Becktasm

Here's another mani modeled after the movie poster, but this time she spread the word "Jurassic" across all four fingers and did the dinosaur design on the thumb only. We're obsessed!

Jurassic Park Nail Art

Photo: Via Nails Mag

If you've got a SERIOUSLY detailed brush and tons of time on your hands, we'd suggest going this route. This nail art features the ENTIRE LOGO on ONE FINGER (seriously, though, look how amazing that is!) with dinosaurs lurking in the leafy shadows on the rest of the nails. #tooreal

Jurassic Park Nail Art

Photo: Via Legally Polished

And finally, if you just want to show your love for dinos without a direct reference to the film, we like this simple green shade with black silhouettes of your favorite reptiles on each finger.

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