Watch One Direction's 'Our Moment' Perfume Launch Party

One Direction

One Direction and their Our Moment perfume.
Photo: Eden Parfums

Directioners across the globe are well-aware that last week, their favorite fab five-some—better known as One Direction—launched their very first fragrance. The boy band's Our Moment perfume marks the second time 1D has dabbled in the beauty department (the first was by way of a collection of nail polishes) just this year, but already it seems the guys are bigger experts than we thought. Last week, the dudes held a special launch event in London for the forthcoming scent complete with smell testing and a life-size box reveal. While we may still have a while to wait until we can officially get our hands on the eau de Direction, we're biding our time with this video package from the Our Moment launch party.

Backdropped against the interior of the swanky sky-high London event space and soundtracked to acoustic guitar lullaby finger-plucking, the 1D boys make their collective entrance in a flurry of half-serious pirouettes and over-exaggerated waltz moves. They unveil a giant version of their pretty pink Our Moment box and share some thoughts about the perfume and the process of making it. Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall all keep the commentary fairly standard—hoping fans are excited and admitting the process was fun—but Liam emerges as the group's resident fragrance connoisseur. Payne not only gives the biggest historical soundbite about the perfume, "There was a fan on Twitter who'd made, like, a petition to have us make a fragrance, and we just kind of got the idea from them. And then, we just got really into it," he also has the most to say about the boy band's debut scent. "It's quite a sweet smell without it being too strong. It's quite subtle," Liam explains adding, "This is like a complicated piece of art. A lot of love went into this." Check it all out for yourself in the video below!


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