The Most Stylish Bands At Governors Ball Music Festival 2013

Things can get a little bit messy at most music festivals (remember last year's tornado at Lollapalooza?!) but this weekend's Governors Ball was a true test in fandom, thanks to a little thing called MUD. After a massive rainstorm invaded New York City on Friday, festival grounds were mucky, dirty, and just plain gross for the rest of the weekend. While Mother Nature may have affected the audience wardrobes (trading sneakers for wellies was a non-negotiable in knee-deep dirt), luckily she didn't damper the rad performance outfits one bit. From Azealia Banks and her glowing neon onesie to Kendrick Lamar's wild graphic sweatsuit, see which artists hit all the right style notes at Governors Ball below.


azealia banks

Azealia Banks at Governors Ball.
Photo:Getty Images

Leave it to Miss Azealia Banks to bring a much-needed dose of color into the murky dampness of Saturday afternoon with her neon pink and orange ensemble. With multiple strategically-place cutouts and even attached gloves, this super-short romper gave everyone something electrifying to stare at while bouncing along to "212." The look is a complete 180 from her recent cat-inspired ensemble at the 2013 Life Ball, but capped off with back high-tops, she hit the coveted middle ground between glamorous AND festival-appropriate.


Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar at Governors Ball.
Photo:Getty Images

Our boy Kendrick Lamar last nailed the achromatic look during his cameo in Miguel's "How Many Drinks? (Remix)" video, and now he's at it again! This weekend the MC showed everyone up with his sweatsuit steez — and no, we're not even kidding. Stamped with an image of the Gill-man, otherwise known as the creepy monster from Creature of the Black Lagoon, this top and sweatpants combo wins for Most Original Outfit of the weekend, that's for sure.



MS MR at Governors Ball.
Photo:Getty Images

With her candy-colored hair and self-described "power clashing" style, MS MR frontwoman Lizzy Plapinger is the next fashion force to be reckoned with. Look out, y'all! She brought the clash to a whole new level this weekend, channeling the '90s in hot pants, a crop top, and polka dot platform sneakers (!!!). Plus, we've gotta talk about how her entire black and white outfit offsets her orange, purple, and blue hair to perfection. Matching is so overrated, right?


icona pop

Icona Pop at Governors Ball.
Photo: Getty Images

We recently called out Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo of Icona Pop as our newest Rising Style Stars, and duh, these girls NAILED.IT. over the weekend in their onstage uniforms of complementary pieces. Aino rocked a collared graphic print jumpsuit while Caroline worked shiny patent shorts and a black mesh top...all topped off with the accessory of the weekend, mud.


kanye west

Kanye West at Governors Ball.
Photo: Getty Images

Dressed down last night in a gray henley, black tee, and red sneakers, the newly-crowned 36-year-old Yeezy made all the mud, the rain, and even his fashionably late entrance TOTALLY worth it. Kanye performed new songs off Yeezus (yusss) like "On Site," "I Am God," and "Straight Up 909 Acid House," proving what the 20,000-plus in the audience already know: we've got a LOT to look forward to when the album drops June 18. Prepare your ears now...

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