Jared Leto Considering Cutting Off His 'Hippy Hair,' We Weigh In

Jared Leto Long Hair

Jared, is that you?
Photo: @JaredLeto's Instagram

Ahhhh, the beauty of the internet. While we normally wouldn't be able to weigh in on Jared Leto's hair choices, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman took to Instagram last night to ask fans (and us, duh) what his next 'do should be. He posted a pic of himself sporting his gorge blonde-tipped tresses, a thick beard and aviator sunglasses with the caption, "Should I cut off this hippy hair?" Well, Jared, we are SO glad you asked. Now, as much as we love his beachy waves in the pic above, let's be real for a hot sec--he often throws those strands back into a baby bun, which isn't necessarily the best look he's ever sported. I mean, sure, it's better than the Dragon Ball Z 'do he once had or spiky mullet he's donned before, but we have to admit, if you're gonna wear it long, let it ALL hang out.

In case y'all didn't know, Jared is the MASTER of switching up his strands. He's worn everything from a bright blue short 'do to a blonde faux-hawk to asymmetrical strands. Basically, he's done it all, and we have to applaud him for it, but if we had ULTIMATE control over what his next look would be, we'd say we love the shaggy, mid-length look best. It's not as long as his self-proclaimed "hippy hair," but still feels totally on-trend with the current '90s grunge look that's in full swing. We like how he can slick it back for formal events, pomp it up when he's feeling retro, or leave it down when he wants to rock out on stage. But we need to know--what hairstyle do you think Jared should sport next? Let us know in the comments below!


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