Bikini Kill Teams Up With VFiles For Exclusive Capsule Collection

Bikini Kill V Files

Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill performing in Hollywood in 1993.
Photo: Getty Images/VFiles

Even though we weren't technically old enough to appreciate Kathleen Hanna when she fronted riot grrrl punk rock group Bikini Kill in the '90s, we sure as HECK were able to get down with her electroclash band Le Tigre when we were well into our rebellious stage. (See: high school.) Kathleen was (and still is!) a hero to all us girls who felt like we didn't fit in and empowered us to be the strong ladies we are today, so when we heard that Bikini Kill teamed up with VFiles for an exclusive capsule collection, we pretty much flipped out. The four-piece line features a remake of Kathleen's iconic "Kill Me" T-shirt dress ($75), which she wore onstage in 1993. She said, "The point of the 'Kill Me' dress is to raise questions about violence against women and, specifically, what constitutes a woman 'asking for it?' If she gets drunk at a party? Calls a guy a jerk? Wears a dress that says 'KILL ME' on it? It also states the obvious, whether you wear a dress that says 'KILL ME' on it or not, as a woman you always have a bullseye on your chest."

Bikini Kill V Files

Bikini Kill x VFiles.
Photo: VFiles

Other pieces from the collection include a cherry-flavored lip balm ($10), The Riot Grrrl Collection book ($27) and limited-edition Huggy Bear ($75) and "Punk Rock Feminism Rules Okay" ($75) posters signed by Kathleen herself. The best part, though, is that proceeds from this capsule collection will go toward funding The Girls Rock Camp Alliance, which is a non-profit organization that empowers girls with the tools of music education to foster self­-esteem and confidence. I mean, it basically can't get any better than that. But tell us—are you going to swipe up any pieces from the Bikini Kill x VFiles collab? Let us know in the comments below!

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