One Direction Releases Debut Perfume 'Our Moment'

One Direction Perfume

One Direction's fragrance, Our Moment.
Photo: Courtesy of Coburn Communication

Is it just us, or have the boys of One Direction been killing it in the beauty department as of late? I mean, just last month, Zayn Malik was caught sporting nail art, the band announced their first collection of nail polish, and today, the boys revealed their debut perfume! AHHHHH. The fragrance, called "Our Moment," has been in development for nearly a year (!!!) comes in a pale pink bottle complete with a bedazzled crown and a touch of tulle. The box features Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry's gorge lil' faces alongside a floral design to reflect the feminine scent.

So, what does this bad boy smell like, anyway? Well, One Direction picked their favorite scents and ultimately came up with a "vibrant and playful fruity floral" that is made up of pink grapefruit, wild berries, redcurrants, jasmine, freesia, musk, and a touch of patchouli. Harry commented on the perfume saying, "It’s been a long and exciting process, and we’re really proud to have made a One Direction fragrance," and Liam added, "We love the idea behind a fragrance as you mix individual scents to create something so much better!" The eau de parfum ranges from $20.00 to $59.50 and will be available to purchase this fall, and—get this—the scent will also come in a body lotion and shower gel. YASSS. In case you STILL weren't convinced about this new scent, Niall said, "I’ve tested it on my family and they love it—and we can’t wait to show it to our fans across the world." So, tell us, will you be swiping up 1D's fragrance this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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