Miley Cyrus Stan Swag: Smilers Can't Stop With This Awesome Merch

miley cyrus stan swag

Miley stans turn it up.
Photo: Society6/Custom Planet/Dimepiece/Turn It Up/ Etsy

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: this is THE week of Miley Cyrus. Although it might not be an "official" holiday (meaning, we still have to go to school and work, womp womp), that's OK because at least we've got Miley's epic new single to keep us entertained until the weekend! The singer dropped "We Can't Stop" on Monday, marking one of the early tiptoes into her long-awaited jump back into music. And we definitely don't have to tell you just how far she's come since her last release (um...hi, remember Can't Be Tamed?). It's only been three years since her previous record, but with her new haircut, revamped image, and envelope-pushing personal style, it might as well be lightyears. Hannah Montana is officially in the past, y'all...THIS is the Miley of the future. We love her, and because we love you, too, we've rounded up the very best Smiler swag to celebrate!

First things first. There's a TON of Miley stuff on the internet. While it's easy to relieve the glory days with throwback Hannah Montana gear, we'd prefer to take cues from the Miley of here and now. And it doesn't really get any MORE recent than this mini print inspired by "We Can't Stop" from Society 6. It's a cool new twist on her single art and will definitely make the wait for her sure-to-be-killer music video that much easier. But if you want to go for a less literal approach, try this "Twerk" beanie from Custom Planet. I mean, we know how much Miley loooooves to twerk. And we know her new music video also involves some twerking. Why not get the party started now?

Something else that's dear to Miley's heart is Los Angeles brand Dimepiece. She (and Cara Delevingne, and the rest of Young Hollywood...) can't get enough of these comfy basics stamped with sayings like "Ain't No Wifey" and "Oh S***." There are plenty of ways to rep the indie brand's designs, but the most versatile is undoubtedly the "Treat Your Girl Right" decal pack of stickers and pins. Plus, it's only $5!

Until Miley's fan-sourced merchandise actually hits the interwebs, we suggest getting in on the action early with this Turn It Up! tee. Taking a cue from *that* Supreme logo, the top is just out-there enough to ensure that you WON'T look like every other Miley stan on the street.

Last, but not least, there's the handmade copper-stamped cuff from Etsy. The accessory is just subtle enough (only 1/4" thick) to layer with stacks of friendship bracelets, and if you ask us, it just might be the thing your jewelry box is missing. Plus, even though it's been several years, nobody can deny the amazingness of "Party In The USA." Nobody.

Smilers: how do you like to show your Miley love?! Tell us in the comments!

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