Would You Wear These Leg Wraps?

Kye knee wraps

Would you wear these Kye knee wraps?
Photo: Opening Ceremony

One of the biggest pitfalls of summer, sartorially speaking, is that the clothes just aren't as good. No disrespect (we know how sensitive tank tops can be...), but there just isn't as much you can do with your summer wardrobe. No layering. No coats. No heavy, obstructive knits. Just you, sweltering heat, and the job of figuring out new and creative ways to not really wear anything but still keep all the vitals covered up. One way around the wardrobe restrictions of summer is accessories. And a lot of them. These Kye leg wraps we found at Opening Ceremony, though, aren't necessarily what we had in mind.

First, a little about Kye. The label is based in Korea and the brainchild of Kathleen Kye, a recent Central Saint Martins graduate. Her designs often test the boundaries of fashion, often playing with proportions by amplifying certain body parts. Case in point: these leg wraps expand the appearance of the knee while shrouding them in pleated tattoo print. The folks at Opening Ceremony were able to extract some of the most wearable pieces from her lady collection for the store (like this transparent biker jacket or this blue china pleated skirt), but these leg wraps are—erm—something else that we just might not be ready for. What do you think? Would you wear these Kye leg wraps? I mean, they are on sale right now; $49.00 from $70.00. *SHRUGS*

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