Miley Cyrus Talks Image In MTV News Exclusive Interview [Video]

MTV | Miley Cyrus Reflects On Her Image

We might as well go ahead and officially proclaim this week as Miley Cyrus Week around these parts of the internet, because YOU GUYS. Her new single is finally here! And now that we've had a full 24 hours to truly digest her summer party anthem "We Can't Stop", we're back with an MTV News exclusive clip from the star. Our cameras followed Miley on the day of her single release, which included hitting up Ryan Seacrest in LA, visiting Twitter HQ in Silicon Valley, and obviously hanging out with fans. The MTV team also got the scoop from the singer herself on how her image has changed since her Hannah Montana days, and how her post-pixie cut re-invention is on her OWN terms. As Miley shares with the cameras in between outfit changes (she's wearing both a striped Marc Jacobs shorts suit and killer printed pants and black tank in the clip), "I am a self-proclaimed party animal, but I also am the hardest-working person you'll ever know." No argument there!

Miley also touches on that infamous twerk video, saying "I do so much on my own, putting out that twerk video even...the biggest thing people say to me is that they love how I don't care what people think." [Insert "Just being Miley" joke here.] Whether it's in her style, her music, or just goofing off, this attitude is exactly what makes the star SO awesome. Please do us a favor and never change, Miley. Watch the MTV News exclusive Miley Cyrus interview here!

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