Peep Ke$ha’s Tour Costume Sketches From The Blonds!

Ke$ha wears The Blonds’ embellished onepiece on tour.
Photo: Getty Images/ Courtesy of The Blonds

We might be suffering from My Crazy Beautiful Life withdrawal these days, but don’t worry—our girl Ke$ha hasn’t vanished from our hearts entirely. In fact, the pop star has been KILLING IT on her tour with Pitbull these past few weeks, and, in true form, has been keeping her fashion game predictably outrageous as well. She’s recruited New York label The Blonds to craft her glittery, traffic-stopping ensembles for the stage, so you KNOW they’re going to be awesome. After all, we’re already obsessed with the design duo thanks to their consistently rad runway collections and covetable nail art. But now that they’ve staked claim to Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, AND Ke$ha’s recent performance looks? Get ready for world domination! Considering she’s been sporting The Blonds’ daring pieces since way back in 2010, Ke$ha’s no stranger to collaborating with the team…but judging from the glittery one-piece above, something tells us that THIS time around, they’re going even crazier. As the designers tell People StyleWatch of the partnership, “It was a complete collaboration. We discussed textures, elements and colors that have a connection with her personal tastes and the music in some way,” they say, “The result was stunning.”

Ke$ha’s tour costumes, designed by The Blonds.
Photo: Getty Images/ Courtesy of The Blonds

It’s tough to pinpoint the coolest part of this collab, but we love how they’ve all taken Ke$ha’s glitter addiction and transformed it into something totally high fashion. Take the costume at the top, which was inspired by geodes. Featuring itsy bitsy colorful pieces layered on top of each other, this is an explosion of sparkle that you can see from literally the LAST ROW. Same with the number above, which includes a purple cape adorned with a lion motif (according to The Blonds, “the ultimate warrior”) alongside a glimmering gold bustier. We never need an excuse to check out Ke$ha in action, but thanks to these costumes, well, consider this your extra nudge to REALLY let your inner animal go wild.

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