Joe Jonas Shaved His Head!

Joe Jonas Shaved Head

Buh-bye Joe Jonas' hair.
Photo: Joe Jonas' Instagram

OMG y'all. Last night, our boyfriend Joe Jonas shaved his head. Like, there's no easy way to say it—his adorable raven locks are totally, irreversibly gone. Donezo. Finished. Extinct. Gone bye-bye. Basically, we were perusing our Instagram feed last night and AUDIBLY gasped when we stumbled upon an adorable play-by-play pic of him shaving off his luscious strands. His caption simply read, "Oops," but judging by how he took a "before" snap, we're guessing this was no mistake. In the first pic, he's sporting his standard shaggy-on-top-short-on-the-side steez, and it looks like his hair stylist is giving him a quick side trim until... it goes totally AWOL.

By the third pic, we can tell this razor cutting isn't sticking to just the sides, and finally, we are left with a totally buzzed Joe. Even though we're sad to see his strands go, we have to admit that he has a nicely-shaped head, and we gotta give him extra props for still keeping the beard in check. We just really, REALLY hope this is for a role/donation/a bet/something out of his control because, you guys, Joe Jonas is KNOWN for his hair. Whether he sports side-swooped bangs, a sky-high retro pomp or wayward curly tendrils, his 'do is always a huge part of his overall LEWK. But we need to know—what do you think of Joe Jonas' freshly shaved head? Let us know in the comments below!

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