Selena Gomez's 'Stars Dance' Album Art Is Dripping With Heavy Metal Hardware

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez's "Stars Dance" album art.
Photo: Hollywood Records

Last night, Selena Gomez held a live chat with her Selenators. On top of giving her fans some major interweb face time, Sel took the time to catch everyone up on the films she's been working on, field fan questions from Twitter, and spill deets about her forthcoming studio album, Stars Dance. Gomez discussed recording time, working with Rock Mafia, ran through the full track listing, AND unveiled the never-before-seen album art! In a stark contrast to her vibrant "Come & Get It" single artwork, the Stars Dance cover is rendered in grayscale with Sel trading in that scream face for a more subdued gaze. One thing is the same, though: Selena is massively accessorized and dripping with non-traditional garment materials.

Where the "Come & Get It" art featured opulent crystals covering the front of her The Blonds bustier and a row of matching gems dangling from her headband, this Stars Dance look opts for gobs of heavy metal hardware. From her floral pattern hair crown to the chain beard hanging from it, her filigree finger armor to that Erickson Beamon jacket made of Swarovski crystal and mesh, Selena is DRENCHED with metal in this cover art. Thanks to some extra behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, you can watch the impossibly heavy looking ensemble, strong shoulders and all, in MOTION in the on demand video from her live chat below. Check it out!


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