Rue La La Is Selling $5 Beyonce VIP Tickets For Fifth Anniversary Promotion


Beyonce performs at this weekend's Chime for Change concert.
Photo: Getty Images

Listen, we're well aware that Beyonce's tickets for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour definitely DON'T come cheap. While the steep price tag is undoubtedly worth each and every second of King Bey arena-style goodness (also, those outfits!), when there's a chance to see her for practically free, well, you'd better bet we're going to take it. That's basically what's happening with Rue La La's fifth anniversary promotion. The online flash sale site is going ALL OUT for its birthday, selling one (sadly, only one) 16-person VIP suite at Beyonce's August 5th Barclays Center show for only $5! It's one of several seriously awesome steals the company is offering to customers—others include a Birkin bag and a Rolex watch—but you've got to click fast in order to score, because it's first come, first serve.

Your chance to win will come on June 5th, and Rue La La members can enter by signing up on the brand's contest page on Facebook. So set your phone alarms, check your wi-fi, and start flexing your fingers...because when it comes to something as unbelievably awesome as a $5 VIP BEYONCE EXPERIENCE, you miiiight just have to fight us for it.

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