'Teen Wolf' 'Stan Swag': Show Off Your Werewolf Fandom With These Killer Pieces

Teen Wolf Stan Swag

'Teen Wolf' stan swag!
Photo: Etsy/BuyMeBrunch/Sourwolf/Society6

OH. MY. GAH. It's only T-minus 3 days until the season 3 premiere of Teen Wolf (!!!), and we could NOT be more pumped for its killer (heh) return. We can't wait to see Scott and the gang back on our small screen, and to celebrate, we've rounded up some seriously stylish options to show off your werewolf fandom come Monday. Now, this isn't the typical wear-the-name-of-the-show-on-your-shirt steez--we wanted to pick some pieces that you'd actually sport IRL. One of our personal favorites is this "Sourwolf" necklace, which commemorates one (of many) amazing quotes by Stiles. ("Don't be such a sour wolf!") Only true Teen Wolf stans will get the reference, and, of course, we're obsessed with that.

If you want to become a part of the werewolf pack without all that sweating and, you know, actual transforming into a beast, we think this "Part Wolf" tank will be RIGHT up your alley. It comfy and cool--plus it will match literally everything in your wardrobe. We also love this "McCall" hoodie, which is a nod to Scott's position on the lacrosse team. If you want to show off your fandom in the most OBVIOUS way possible, this set of Stiles face pins will certainly do the trick. (Pro tip: Don't wear them all at once to avoid total creep status.) And finally, we have an AMAZING iPhone case with a super subtle nod to Stiles. It features an illustration of his infamous teal Jeep Wrangler decorated with artsy details. So, what do you think--will you be sporting any Teen Wolf gear for the season 3 premiere on Monday? Let us know in the comments below!

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