First Look: Ke$ha's 'Crazy Kids' Video Style In Exclusive Sneak Peek [Video]

MTV | Exclusive First Look At Ke$ha's 'Crazy Kids'

You already know that a highpoint of our week here at Style is when we get to see what our favorite Animal is up to on Ke$ha's My Crazy Beautiful Life, and, sadly, the docu-series comes to an end tonight. We can't be THAT sad, however, because Ke$ha and her Animals are taking over MTV tonight, and in addition to the show finale, will also be premiering the MUCH anticipated video for "Crazy Kids." We first caught a glimpse of her Brooke Candy channeling cornrows and pastel nail art from some behind-the-scenes shots on her Instagram, and the sneak peek video is really just increasing our excitement. We get to see her Insta-ed outfit in action in the preview, as she dances around in enormous gold bamboo hoops, rings all over her fingers and 40 ounces of glittery something featured prominently. The video premieres on MTV tonight at 7:53 pm EST, to be followed by "MTV First: Ke$ha," on Got a question for Ke$ha? Tweet it with the hashtag #AskKesha and she may just give you the answer live!

Ke$ha pairs a blue and white striped shirt, buttoned at the top, with a white bustier and a pair of gold-accented denim shorts. While we can't get the CLEAREST view of the whole outfit (and we have yet to see the SHOES), we're really feeling it as a break from the singer's usual psychedelic flower child vibes. Ke$ha has woven neon ribbons through her white cornrows, and rocks pink eyeshadow--always a brave move, but a really unexpected twist on this particular look. It's really all about the accessories, as well, with gold chains, rings, and again, those earrings really anchoring the look. Also matching gold bamboo-look sunglasses? Yes, please. This can't be the only look in the "Crazy Kids" video though, can it? We shall see!

Tune into MTV at 7:53 PM EST to see "Crazy Kids," and don't forget to tweet your questions with the tag #AskKesha to see them answered live at following the premiere!