Azealia Banks Transforms Into A Cat (Again!) At 2013 Life Ball

azealia banks

Azealia Banks performs at the 2013 Life Ball.
Photo: Getty Images

Here's the thing about Azealia Banks: when she likes something, she really, REALLY likes it. Case in point? Her imitable mermaid steez, which has infiltrated into just about each and every aspect of the Harlem-bred rapper's persona. Her hair, her accessories, her mixtape name, her um, pasties....everything. And while that obsession with seapunk hasn't exactly died out, this weekend she paid homage to another one of her favorite fashion muses: the cat. Now, you might remember how almost exactly one year ago the MC channeled a feline at Prada's 2012 Met Gala party in full cat makeup. We're talking 3-D whiskers, black triangle nose, an extremely awesome cat eye (heh), the whole shebang. She even coordinated her handbags, sporting not one but TWO furry custom Prada kitten clutches in both white and black. That ensemble was definitely memorable enough on its own, but leave it to Azealia to one-up even herself this weekend.

The rapper showed off her feline fashion in an entirely different way at the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria. Adam Lambert may have been channeling an 'Ali Baba Superstar,' but Azealia took to the stage decked out in a white furry two-piece, complete with an entire kitten FACE splashed across the chest (pink tongue included). The one-off number also came with puff sleeves resembling ears and an itsy bitsy miniskirt. She hinted about her outfit earlier in the night on Twitter, saying "I'm gonna wear Cavalli, or margiela for the carpet, I dunno yet. But I got some custom made for the performance and the partieeeee !!!"

While Azealia's half-sheer, mirrored, metallic red carpet jumpsuit was definitely NOTHING to scoff at, there's no doubt about was what she wore AFTER the step and repeat that everyone couldn't stop talking about.

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