Mariah Carey's Best Quotes From Her 'Good Morning America' Wardrobe Malfunction

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's "Good Morning America" wardrobe malfunction does not phase her.
Photo: ABC News

It goes without saying that Mariah Carey is FABULOUS. All the way from her Cinderella-themed wedding vow renewal ceremony to that Azzedine Alaïa couture wardrobe to those superhuman pipes that cemented her status as a household name for decades. Accordingly, when Mimi does something, she does it in a BIG way, even if that something is as simple or potentially embarrassing as a wardrobe malfunction on live TV. Mariah hit up Good Morning America this morning to pop off the show's annual Summer Concert Series in Central Park. And pop she did! Or rather, her dress did.

If there's one thing we know about Mariah, it's that she loves a good outfit change (remember all those ensembles she tried in the OG run of MTV Cribs???), so it should come as no surprise that she tried to sneak one in for her GMA set juuuust before the debut live performance of "#Beautiful" with Miguel. Welp, it would appear that Mimi's shimmery pink-sequined halter Versace gown was not rigged up for a quick-change as her zipper popped mid-interview. She may have dubbed it "diva drama," but Mariah handles the situation with a kind of goofball grace, keeping her cool and slinging joke after joke. Below is a list of our favorite quotes from the whole ordeal.

"Darling, I was changing. My dress is still unattached. I don't know what we're going to do! We don't want a moment here." *motions at cleavage*

"Diva drama."

"Oh shoot, now the back of my dress just popped. It popped! I love you, Donatella, but it popped, darling."

"I just wanted to change the ensemb, you know? It's just that..." *spins around to show the popped zipper*

"This popped. Is it gonna fall? OK, both of them are out now."

"What should we call this? The Central Park Saga?"

"It seems like several moments. It seems like a YouTube moment. Possible Spotify even."

"Or hey, I'll just hold them up the whole time. What are you gonna do?"


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