Taylor Swift Gives Makeup Tips In New Keds Video

Taylor Swift talks style with Keds.
Photo: Keds

Our go-to makeup look, a classic cat eye and a bright lip, might seem basic, but let us tell you, it has taken some time to master. Besides finding the right colors, the perfect applicator, picking liquid or gel, it's just plain HARD to do your makeup sometimes. You know who understands? Taylor Swift. In the second installment of her style video series for Keds, Tay talks all things style, but perhaps most interestingly she admits that she hasn't always known how to do her makeup, either. "I’ve had a lot of failed make-up looks that I would try in school before I learned how to do the line right! And sometimes I get it wrong still," she says in the video. The pop star continues, "I like the cat eyeliner a lot. It’s all about getting the right angle and my one tip for how to do it right is to take the angle and direction your bottom lash line is going and follow that angle up. If I’m drawing a really fine line, I like liquid eyeliner pens. You have to get really close to your lash line.” Good advice, indeed!

Taylor goes on to admit that she still can't do her own makeup QUITE as well as the pros, and that she will usually just opt for a lip stain when left to her own devices, allowing her makeup artist to take the lead on any heavy lifting. "She does like four different things, she's very detail oriented," she says of her artist's lipstick application method. Yeah, maybe not the thing for day-to-day, but for the stage? Perfect. Taylor also goes into detail about how her aesthetic has changed as she has gotten older, leaving behind the fairytale of her early shows in exchange for something more mature. She describes it perfectly, saying "my two last tours, if I were to pick a place in which they were to take place, it would be like a fantasy world with princesses and fairies and castles. If this tour existed in a place it would exist in a city." Watch the full video below and tell us, what do you think of Taylor's style evolution?

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