Rita Ora Channels Willy Wonka In All-Purple Everything

Lauren Conrad Bangs

Is Rita taking style cues from Willy W.?!
Photo: Splash News/ 'Willy Wonka' Facebook

Although Rita Ora might've claimed to be repping the new Smurfs movie with her (temporarily) blue hair earlier this week, there's NO fooling us here: the singer has now gone back to blonde, and she's got yet another style muse! Just like last time, the answer's obvious. When the pop star stepped out yesterday in a purple jacket, pants, and matching nails, there's NO denying the fact that she's paying homage to the ultimate candy man himself, Willy Wonka. We're not talking about Johnny Depp's 2005 incarnation, either. Nope, we're referring to the 1971 throwback Charlie and the Chocolate Factory version, starring Gene Wilder himself. Whether or not Rita realized it at the time, we're digging her bold, monochromatic plum look! Not to mention, the fact that Wonka just might be THE most creative fashion icon we're seen in a while...

For proof of their total twinsie situation, look no further than the side-by-side above. These two are sporting identical-hued deep purple jackets (similar collars too, natch), with lavender accents. Rita's working some pale pants, whereas Willy is showing his lighter side in a floral shirt. And sure, while the singer's backward-facing snapback might not be quite as, uh, cinematic, as Wonka's orange top hat, that's OK. Those loafers, those shades, and those insanely awesome nails give this lady enough street cred to one-up anyone. Yes, EVEN the man with the golden ticket himself.

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