Be Memorial Day BBQ Ready In These Food Prints

Photo: Urban Outfitters/Topshop/Boutique1/ASOS

In case you didn't hear us screaming it at the top of our lungs, SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! Well, almost. While some of us might be having a little bit of a hard time acclimating to the heat (and how bad our hair looks in the humidity, yikes), there's no denying that life is better when you can throw your tights into storage and prance around in a floaty little dress. Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of summer Fridays, beach weekends, and general laid back-ess, and naturally you're going to want to dress thematically. What's our favorite long weekend tradition? BBQs, OBVIOUSLY! Hotdogs, hamburgers, lemonade, the taste of charcoal on our tongues? Heaven. The summer is full of opportunities for grilling, but there's something so special about the first time you break out the propane tank, you know? You've already got your BBQ-themed nail art on lock, so throw on your hamburger sneaks, get that hot dog dress out of storage and let's get cookin'!

Obviously you're going to want to show some skin (and get a little bit of sunshine on your vitamin D-deprived self), so we love the Lazy Oaf Hot Dawg Bodycon Dress ($99.00) for a fun, totally seasonal base. You can pair the silly print with all kinds of basics, so you can either go all out with the theme or tone it down with slightly more regular accessories. If you want to get SERIOUS with your meats, the Hamburger Tee By Tee And Cake ($50.00) is seriously up close and personal burger time. We like the idea of food-themed separates, because you can pair them with other summer staples, like your fave pair of jorts or even under some overalls. The Wildfox Watermelon Tank Top ($133) is versatile enough that you could wear it for any sunny occasion this season, and Cute To The Core's Hamburger Print Canvas Sneaker ($45.00) is a hilarious departure from the average sneak. Finally, if you want to go ALL OUT, the Kuccia Sporty Crop Top in Juicy Fruit Print ($37.33) and accompanying MATCHING legging in Juicy Fruit Print ($50.91) are sure to get you some compliments. And you could totally wear the two halves on their own too! That crop top with a skater skirt? so cute.

How are you going to dress for your memorial day celebrations?

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