Would You Wear These Bangs Beanies?

Bangs Beanies

Just some bangs beanies. Hanging out.
Photo: VFiles

I don't hate hats. But I wouldn't say I love them either. I like how they look on other people. And I appreciate their functional qualities like keeping your head warm or shielding you from the sun and UVA/UVB rays, etc.etc. ZZzzzzz. But I guess you could say I have a general aversion to them. Does that mean I will NEVER let one touch my head? No. But I always find them difficult when they do. I'm a fussy, fidgety person and I have a lot of hair, and that combination makes the process of affixing a hat to my dome (not to mention keeping it on) its own special, waking nightmare. If you are my polar opposite (meaning: if you love hats and have no hair), boyoyoy, do I have a product for YOU! Enter the bangs beanie.

Yep, you're looking at three bangs beanies. Solid beanies by Gypsy Sport laced up with what looks like at LEAST a good foot of matching faux-hair bangs. While I would personally find wearing these EXTRA challenging, I can see how someone out there definitely maybe would want to. I'm just...not sure why someone would want to wear a beanie on the brink of summer. Let alone one that you kind of have to commit to wearing all day because how DIFFICULT is it going to be to re-style yourself with the additional hair? And what if it gets tangled while it's off your head? Am I the only neurotic person worried about these things?

If bangs beanies are your thing, you can cop them at VFiles where they come in red, white, AND blue. Enjoy!

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