Will The 2013 NBA Draft Day Suits Be The Most Fashion Forward... Ever?

Ben McLemore, Nerlens Noel

Ben McLemore and Nerlens Noel prepare for the 2013 NBA Draft.
Photo: Courtesy of @youngsav23's Instagram/@nerlensnoel3's Instagram

The NBA Playoffs continue to heat up as we chug along through the Eastern and Western Conference championships and toward the Finals, but for a crop of college-age up-and-coming hoops stars, there's another big date in June that hits a little closer to home: NBA Draft Day. On the players' side, enlisted draftees have been interviewing with prospective teams, shopping themselves around as well as learning about their would-be future homes. On the league side, the NBA Draft Lottery is scheduled for tonight to solidify the order in which teams will pick players come 2013 NBA Draft Day, June 27, 7:00 p.m. EST at Brooklyn's Barclays Center (home of this year's VMAs, NBD *hair flip*).

If you're all, "Blahblahblah #sportsball #unsubcribe," we don't blame you, BUT wipe up the drool and sit up straight because this is where the FASHUN comes in. NBA Draft Day is, a bit notoriously, kiiiiind of a fashion disaster. It has only a little bit to do with the general yick-ness of college-age boys' tastes. It has much more to do with the perfect storm combination of basketball players' tendencies toward superhuman height and Herculean physiques PLUS the unfortunate stock of any given Big & Tall. That's why you get things like Dwight Howard in a blazer laden with a 5-button placket (5 BUTTONS!!!!) or LeBron James looking prom-ready in head-to-toe ivory.

HOWEVER, just as there's a shift in NBA style across the entire league, the young guns are similarly following suit. *ba dum TSH* Last year's CLEAR style winner was Damian Lillard with a supremely excellent patterned blazer look with a two-tone lapel, contrasting trousers and a red accent pocket square, but something (a.k.a. Ben McLemore's and Nerlens Noel's and a GRIP of other predicted first-round draft picks' Instagram accounts—hellooooo mixed prints and good shoes and high top fades!!!) tells us that this year, the rookie suit game just might be in for a major fashion overhaul. Cross your fingers!

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