Watch Beyonce's 'Grown Woman' Kenzo In Action Thanks To New Behind-The-Scenes Tour Videos


Beyonce performs "Grown Woman" in Kenzo on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.
Photo: Beyonce's Tumblr

Just in time for her "Grown Woman" track's mass leaked circulation around the interwebz, Beyonce (or Team Beyonce) has JUST uploaded behind-the-scenes footage of the number's Paris premiere. FINALLY, after just under a month of stalking grainy smart phone-captured videos and the few high-quality images Bey posted to her Tumblr, we actually get to see that custom, technicolor, animal print-esque Kenzo romper in action! Mrs. Carter debuts the song with an inspired dance number that has Bey and her backup dancers (also in what looks like custom Kenzo) swimming in energy up to their eyeballs. Each girl has a kind of extra mini-train situation attached at the waist and ruffling out into an abbreviated cascade down the back of the romper, adding a little extra volume, movement, and drama to the truncated stage outfit. Fortunately for us, when Beyonce does something, she never does it half-way—she and her team unveiled all at once a grand total of EIGHT behind-the-scenes video packages from The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour!

Along with that "Grown Woman" Paris debut, we get rehearsal footage, interviews with key members of the Mrs. Carter tour team, and several pre-concert prayer/pump-up circles where we get SO MANY good shots of the backup dancers' outfits for the opening number. Bey's lady mob is clad in either all-black (band and backup singers) or all-white (dancers) with almost everyone repping physics-defying cage looks by Chromat, the same New York-based designer behind Bey's backup dancers' looks for her 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. Check out all the backstage style moments (Beyonce in a robe! Dancers in street clothes and stage makeup!) for yourself on Beyonce's dedicated tour page while we leave you with this picture of Blue Ivy patiently waiting for mommy in a t-shirt and pink tutu.


Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Carter wears a t-shirt and pink tutu backstage on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.
Photo: Beyonce's Tumblr

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