BBQ-Themed Nail Art Just In Time For Memorial Day!

Whew, we don't know about you guys, but we're already dreaming about the three-day weekend ahead. In case you forgot, next Monday is Memorial Day, which means we have a few extra hours to soak in the sun and do one of our FAVORITE holiday pastimes (other than shopping)—eating. Don't judge! We all know that we'll spend the majority of our day off standing next to the grill stuffing our faces with some of our favorite meaty treats: hot dogs, hamburgers—you name it, we'll eat it. To celebrate this joyous feast occasion, we found some BBQ-themed nail art to get you stylishly in the mood for this weekend's festivities. Warning: drooling may occur.

Memorial Day Nail Art

Photo: Via Nail Nerd

Dang, if there's one thing we love fresh off the grill, it's a cheeseburger complete with ALL the fixings. Luckily, there's a mani that can reflect any meat-lover's dream: super gratuitous close-ups of burgers painted on each finger. Make sure to include the sesame bun, ketchup, lettuce and cheese! (Extra points if you make it drippy.)

Memorial Day Nail Art

Photo: Via Time On My Nails

If wearing food on your fingertips ain't your thang, you can always go the badass route by channeling the fiery grill itself. Charcoal and flames are totally awesome in nail art form, and no one has to know you secretly have burgers on the brain.

Another BBQ staple, of course, is the hot dog! We loved this mani that featured an incredibly detailed dog (is that mustard, ketchup and relish? #WERK) as an accent nail, but then took the condiment theme and applied it as a two-toned tips on the rest of the fingers. LOVE.

We have to call out all the food we eat that isn't necessarily flamed up on the grill, like fruits and veggies. We're obsessed with this gingham table cloth set that features watermelon alongside some seriously inquisitive ants.

If you just straight-up can't decide which BBQ mani you like best, just throw 'em all together for the ultimate cook-out set! We love how she managed to fit flames, a burger and hot dog all on one hand for a totally Memorial Day-ready mani we just HAVE to try. But what do you think—will you give a BBQ-themed mani a spin this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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