Chrissy Teigen And Miss Alabama Katherine Webb Find The Best Hangout Music Festival Fashion [Video]

We're going to venture to guess that Hangout Fest might actually be the hardest music festival to dress for. Not only is it, well, a music festival, but it's a music festival AT THE BEACH. We don't mean on the boardwalk, or overlooking the sand and the waves. No, Hangout is actually IN the sand. Do you wear that cute festival dress or go full sunshine in a bikini? Either way, our Hangout correspondents model Chrissy Teigen and Miss Alabama 2012 Katherine Webb know a thing or two about fashion, and they were embedded in Gulf Shores, Alabama all weekend long. In other words, they were the perfect people to take part in a little festival fashion challenge. Each of the ladies had to find their wildest look, the cutest look, and their best man, and then compare each team to see who was the festival fashion challenge winner. They only had 60 seconds to assemble a sartorial dream team, plucked straight out of the sand. How did each of the girls do, and who was the winner? You'll have to watch to find out.

All the usual festival fashion suspects were to be found: there was ample tie-dye, some fringe, a head band, some shoes made of rope, band t-shirts, the whole nine. You name it, Chrissy and Katherine found it out there on the beach. And can we just say our correspondents also looked adorbs in THEIR fest fashions? Well done, ladies, well done.

Do you think Chrissy and Katherine found the cutest, wildest, and best man of Hangout Fest?

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