Taylor Swift Wears "Haters Gonna Hate" Unicorn Tee in Billboard Music Awards Performance

Taylor Swift performing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Getty

Taylor Swift may not actually be 22 anymore, but she's become the official ambassador of that oh-so-very fun and confusing early 20's age with her song of the same name. Tay performed "22" at the 2013 Billboard Awards tonight, and while we thought at first that she was wearing the tap shorts and tee that have become her go-to performance look as of late, our eagle eyes quickly realized that Taylor wasn't just looking like a cutie in her on-stage look. No, she was telling us something. Her bright blue baby-t, which she wore tight and tucked into her nautical shorts, featured a picture of a sparkly unicorn with a thought bubble. What do you think rainbow bright is thinking while adorning Swifty's tee? If you thought "HATERS GONNA HATE," and let's be real, you didn't, you would be right. "HATERS GONNA HATE," you guys! Any joke you could have made about Tay or her performance, well, failed, because she sees you.

Taylor paired her sassy tee with tight fitting sailor-style tap shorts with gold buttons and a pair of easy-to-dance in brogues. With her hair in a high ponytail and that signature red lip, Taylor Swift looked every bit 22, and we loved it. The look went along with Taylor's blue theme (was she making a nod to the Billboard Music Awards blue carpet?), which she began in a glimmering blue Zuhair Murad mini on the red carpet.

What do you think of Taylor Swift's unicorn t-shirt?


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