Watch Taylor Swift Talk Personal 'Style Epiphanies' And Keds Shoe Collection Inspiration!

Taylor Swift Keds

Taylor Swift talks all-things fashion.
Photo: Via Keds' YouTube

When we first heard the news about Taylor Swift collaborating with Keds back in October, we pretty much flipped out. I mean, Taylor designing her own line of shoes for the classic sneaker brand?! Yassss. Today, her full collection is already available for purchase online, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, Keds launched a multi-part video series in which fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi asks T. Swift all our BURNING fashion questions. To put it lightly, we're stoked. Tay dished on the evolution of her personal "style epiphanies," and said, "When I was 15, I realized that I loved the idea of a sundress and cowboy boots, and that's all I wore for two years. And then, I started loving the bohemian, fairy-type looks—like a flowery headband—so I dressed like a fairy would dress for two years. Now, I see pictures from the '50s and '60s where women have red lips and a pearl earring—those very classic looks. I kind of dress a little more vintage-y, so it's always got a direction to it."

Taylor Swift Keds

The Taylor Swift for Keds collection.
Photo: Via Keds

When it came to designing her shoe collection, Taylor said she was inspired by vintage fabrics and style, but she wanted it to be modernized for the Keds brand. "The inspiration goes back to my vintage-inspired springtime/summertime looks. In the spring and summer, it's red lipstick every day and an oxford shirt with capri pants or vintage dress [...] and all the Keds go perfectly with all those looks." Obvi we have to check out these bad boys for ourselves! Clockwise from the top left, we peep the Champion Paw Dot ($50), which mixes polka dots and cat paws (we weren't kiddin' about her being a cat lady), followed by the nautical-themed Champion Anchor ($49.95) set with brown suede laces. Girly-girls will LOVE the Champion Rose Stripe ($49.99) sneakers that also come in red, and if you play the guitar like Tay, these Champion Guitar ($49.99) sneaks will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. For something a little simpler, we like the Champion Stripe Dot ($50) that mixes pastel-colored stripes and polka dots, and finally, if you wanna "dress up like hipsters," the Champion Shades ($49.95) sneakers would go PERFECTLY with your plastic-rimmed glasses. But, that's just the beginning! Check out her full collection on, and watch her dish on ALL the style deets in the video below.


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