Eve Talks Split Style Personalities In Exclusive Interview [VIDEO]

Eve Talks Personal Style

Whether you're going off of award wins (Grammys, VMAs, BET, check!), albums sold (8 million-plus since 1999, NBD) or even her indisputable fashion cred, there's no denying it: Eve is one seriously intimidating lady. While her insane list of accomplishments is enough to out-cool approximately 99% of the population, the superstar is actually way more relatable than her Wikipedia page would lead you to believe. We learned this recently when the Ruff Ryder's First Lady stopped by MTV to talk about her new album and how her style has changed since those "Gangsta Lovin'" days.

Prepare your stereos, because Lip Lock, out now, is her first record in more than a decade. Oh, and did we mention it's about to become your new summer soundtrack? Obviously classics like "Who's That Girl?," "Let Me Blow Ya Mind," and "Tambourine" will always have a special place in our hearts (and playlists), but seriously, just TRY and get the rapper's new single "Eve" out of your head. Or don't, because it's impossible. This Philly-bred MC is coming back in full force both musically and fashion-wise, and somehow keeping it grounded every step of the way.

Eve is just one of those stars who's a true style chameleon. She can go from performing in glittery Gaga-esque high heels at Coachella or keep it laid-back in a simple tank for her "relax and chill" video for "Eve." Regardless of which way she leans (or whether or not she reveals *those* paws), it still totally works. "I wanted it to be a video that wasn't about my makeup, my hair, or what I was wearing," she told us, "I just wanted it to be me." Well, mission accomplished! Although Eve says she loves using a stylist for most performances, this time around the clothes in the clip came straight from places like American Apparel...or even her own closet. In other words, you never know what you're going to get.

Chalk it up to her "moody" personal style, but the jury's out on whether you'll see her sporting her favorite Elizabeth & James jeans and no-name loafers like in our interview, or go wild in head-to-toe designer craziness onstage. As Eve tells us in our exclusive video here, she HERSELF can't even predict what she'll do or wear next. Watch it above and see how this superstar continues to keep us guessing.

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