'The Office' 'Stan Swag': You'll Want To Fill The Void After Tonight's Series Finale (That's What She Said)

The Office

"The Office" Stan Swag that'll run your credit card bill up higher than Kelly Kapoor's.
Photo: Society 6/Etsy/NBC Universal Store

Is this real life? Is The Office really over? We've already had to carry on in a world without 30 Rock, and now NB "we [peacock] comedy" C is bidding adieu to our OTHER Thursday night mainstay? *weeps single tear into remnants of sad desk salad* Welp, whether we want it to or not, The Office ends tonight with a special two-hour season finale starting at 8 p.m. EST tonight. After 9 years of mockumentary bliss, we say farewell to the beloved staff of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton Branch in just a few hours. BUT before they go, we suggest you stock up on some priceless The Office-themed Stan Swag, some cool fan merch to pepper throughout your life in a post-Jim Halpert universe because you're gonna want to fill that void after tonight's series finale. (That's what she said.)

We know "bringing work home" isn't a thing people usually want to do, but when it's THIS (fictional) workplace (as opposed to your own), we're pretty sure it's OK. The reference is a little abstract, but we'd definitely put this "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica" canvas art print ($85.00) up in our apartments. It's a conversation piece, for sure, but REAL fans will get it in an instant. On the interior decor tip, you could also go a less oblique route with these matching Dwight Schrute ($20.00) and Michael Scott ($20.00) throw pillows! Of course, the scrolls on Dwight's enumerate the aforementioned three Bs and Michael's read "That's what she said."

You can also take your deep-seated love for the show and its cast of characters outside of your abode with a few key pieces. We found this wooden Dwight brooch ($10.00) on Etsy and are super impressed by the immaculate quality of this laser cut portrait. If you're more #TeamHalpert than #TeamSchrute, we have something for you, too. Have a witty quip to send someone's way? Try scrawling it inside these pastel stationary cards ($12.00 for set of 3 cards) emblazoned with Jim's patented smirk. We advise against using these as "Thank you," "Congratulations," or really any other greeting that implicitly requires you be enthusiastic. A "Get well soon" occasion might be aight, though. Repping for the other Halpert, the flyer with Pam's sketch of Dwight mean mugging for the "Women's Appreciation" episode get the t-shirt treament (~$22.41) by a Swedish retailer. rendered in bright sulphur yellow, it's the perfect unexpected summer graphic. Speaking of mugs, the OFFICIAL Office merch by NBC is actually not that bad, and our favorite is the morning coffee-ready replica of Michael Scott's "World's Best Boss" mug ($12.00) complete with a Dunder Mifflin logo on the the back. Rev up your credit cards, ladies and gents. It's time for some retail therapy.

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