Demi Lovato Commemorates Album Release With 'Warrior' Tattoo

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato shows off new "Warrior" tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of @ddlovato's Twitter

Remember how Demi Lovato told us on "Live From MTV" her only form of rebellion was tattoos and hair color? Welp, she covered the tonsorial portion last week with her new blonde dye job, and NOW, she's racked up another tatt. Scrawled on the back of her left shoulder, the ink reads, "now I'm a warrior"—a lyric from "Warrior," the last track of the record. Demi tweeted a picture of her fresh body art with the caption, "Thanks @BangBang! Album release day!!! #DEMI." YUP, the ink is in celebration of her new album, DEMI. AWWwwww!

D isn't the first major pop star to commemorate a release with new ink. Remember Justin Bieber's "Believe" tattoo?? And much like The Biebs, Demi went on to discuss her latest edition on late night TV! The "Heart Attack" singer paid a little visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to talk about the new record but also ended up sharing the deeper meaning behind the new "Warrior" tattoo. "Well, I have a song on my album called 'Warrior,' and it's a very, very meaningful song to me," Demi told Fallon, "It's really heavy—the lyrics—but it's an inspirational song, as well. It's a negative thing turned positive, and I've been through a lot and I'm really, really honest on this album and this is a song that was really difficult for me to write, record, and now release. It was kind of like a tribute to releasing an album, as well as overcoming some really, really difficult things in my life." *rests hand on heart* This girl.

After that poignant moment, D and Jimmy teamed up against Julie Bowen and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips for a short round of Pictionary! Unfortunately for all in participation, Demi didn't draw (unlike when she visted us and scrawled *achem* some adult sketches in our studio). Check out Demi's appearance on Fallon below, PLUS a clip of Demi explaining her other tattoos from her MTV First Stay Strong documentary.



Demi Lovato Delves Deep Into Her Ink

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