Would You Wear This Crazy Cat Bikini?

crazy cat bikini

Would you wear this crazy cat bikini?
Photo: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Fellow East Coast dwellers might have a hard time believing this, but summer is, in fact, on its way. It's a slow crawl for those of us along the Atlantic, but *shrugs* we'll wait it out. In the meantime, though, we're combing the interwebz for SWIMWEAR! Hey, it's slightly more "productive" than binge-watching throwback episodes of Arrested Development, right? Amidst our hunt, hoarding all our links and wants in our Svpply profiles, we happened upon this little string number. Sold separately, these pieces are aptly titled "Crazy Cat Triangle Top" and "Crazy Cat String Bottom," and are definitely one way to turn heads at the beach/lake/pool this summer.

Thanks to Mr. Gugu & Miss Go, you can simultaneously work on your tan AND totally creep people out with this two-piece suit featuring not one, not two, but three bow tie-wearing charcoal gray cats with CUH-RAZY purple and turquoise eyes set against a matching radiating backdrop. The combination is both horrifying and hypnotic. And that's your thing, it ALSO comes in a bandeau top and a different bottom option with slightly more coverage. Double also, the crazy cat makes its way onto a sweater AND a tank top. The question is, though: would you wear any of them?

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