Emma Watson Puts Our Airport Style Game To Shame Upon Arrival In Cannes

Emma Watson is better than you.
Photo: Getty

Dear Emma Watson, how are you so fly? The Bling Ring star took to the skies (see what we did there?) earlier this week, en route to the Cannes Film Festival, in what we will unequivocally say is the best travel look we have ever seen. Get out your pen and paper, guys, because this is some serious learning time. Now, I don't know about you, but our airport steelo goes a little something like this: leggings, thick socks, t-shirt, the biggest flannel we can find, and whatever cumbersome boots we're bringing on our trip, preferably with all of the laces. It's not a cute look for sleeping in, let alone wearing out in public, but you know what, it works? Emma on the other hand? Her travel style includes one of the most flattering white dresses we have ever seen on a human being ever, dark wayfarers, some easy to remove but still cool ankle boots, and an incredible amount of glamorous confidence. She just screams movie star, right?

Of course, the centerpiece of this look is this A.L.C. dress, so let's start there. Emma wears the bright white, crew neck frock like it was made for her. Featuring elbow-length sleeves and a slightly dropped waist, the dress highlights the actress' shape while remaining casual. Essential for airport dressing. If you look closely, you can see that the dress is structured with seams along the bust, giving it something a little extra. Emma toughens up the look with a pair of pointed-toe ankle boots, and of course, dark shades. So simple, yet so far superior to our comfy schlubby steez. *sigh*

What do you think of Emma Watson's Nice airport look?

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