Carrie Underwood Glows On The Cover Of 'Marie Claire'

Carrie Underwood on the June cover of Marie Claire.
Photo: Marie Claire

I don't know if there really is something different about southern girls, but Carrie Underwood is sure turning on the southern charm on the June cover of Marie Claire magazine. The American Idol champ and SIX TIME Grammy winner posed in a sun drenched shoot for the mag, inspiring our yearnings for summer with her glowing shock of white blonde hair and bright graphic shift. Carrie toes the line between good girl and bad, looking ready to take off in her red convertible at any second, leaving you blinking in the dust. Although we might see Carrie as all glitter and country sparkle, the accompanying interview reveals a grit and sass that her exterior doesn't even begin to suggest.

Carrie Underwood for "Marie Clair" magazine.
Photo: Marie Claire

She reveals that her relationship with her history of stage outfits is a bittersweet one saying, "My mom would sew my outfits for talent shows...she would get material from Walmart. It was a little 'Coal Miner's Daughter' up in there." While for some, this would lead to an increased romanticism towards all of the material possessions one acquires as one of the mega-famous, Carrie remains somewhat reserved about the whole endeavor. She keeps her old wardrobe pieces in a storage unit, and says, "Maybe my kids will have fun playing dress up in the clothes...but I can’t see saving the stuff for a museum, some giant monument to my awesomeness. That's Dolly. That's Loretta. Not me."

On the inside of the glossy, Carrie gives some serious southern belle in a dusty rose bustier body suit in impeccably draped silk, with contrast orange detailing at the bust. The look is pure bathing beauty, although it's a little luxe for sitting on the dock by the lake. Carrie's glowing skin and matching rosy makeup strike the ideal balance between glam and barely there, though, making her as ethereal as a summer dream.

What do you think of Carrie Underwood's Marie Claire cover?

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