Zayn Malik Gets Little Mix Manicure From Girlfriend Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards gave her boyfriend, One Direction's Zayn Malik, some nail art while he was sleeping.
Photo: Courtesy of @LittleMixOffic's Twitter/Elegant Touch

What happens when you combine One Direction, Little Mix, nail art, and (our favorite pastime!) sleeping?? Look no further than the epic collision of awesomeness above. What's going on here? Welp, first off, our faaaaavorite Brit-Irish boy band member Zayn Malik is SLEEPING *pause for a beat* SHIRTLESS, but more specificially, he's just gotten a prank manicure from his girlfriend, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. On one hand, we're all, "Fiiiiine, we'll face facts that Z is spoken for," but on the other, the Bieber's Girlfriend-esque first-person perspective of Perrie's snap gives us the opportunity (if even for a split-second) to pretend that this is OUR hand holding Zayn's and OUR evil genius behind his mid-slumber manicure. That is, until take one look at the nail wraps' packaging... DOH. There she is!

Yyyyyyep. The girls of Little Mix each have their own set of nail wraps that match each individual's personal steez, and the wraps Zayn is rocking are, OF COURSE, Perrie's set. Featuring studs, roses, skulls, and crosses, Perrie's designs actually vibe pretty well with Zayn's typical rock 'n' roll style. Though, perhaps not that straw fedora he's wearing in this photo. Also, who sleeps in a fedora? I digress... Miss Edwards has officially won us over with the one-two punch of a killer set of nail wraps and a warped prankster mind to boot, but we want to know about you. What do YOU think of Zayn Malik's Little Mix manicure? Let us know in the comments below!

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