Pharrell And Mark McNairy Join Forces (Again) On BBC Black Collection

Mark McNairy, Pharrell

Mark McNairy and Pharrell.
Photo: Getty Images

Pharrell and Mark McNairy's individual clothing lines are awesome enough on their own, but when these two team up?! You can BET they're going to blow it right out of the ballpark. After all, the design duo has done it in the past with their collaborative Bee Line brand of graphic tees, striped button-ups, and varsity jackets. But now P. and McNairy's worlds of streetwear and menswear are colliding yet again for a slick new collection of BBC goods...and this time, they're going dark. The producer, singer, designer and all-around multi-hyphenate has recruited the McNasty maestro for BBC Black, a capsule of monochromatic pieces that are anything but basic. Melding military fabrics with slouchy-yet-tailored cuts, the line's entirely black colorway means that the focus stays on the clothing's streetwear silhouette, while still keeping things clean and crisp. Get more details on the line from Pharrell and McNairy below!

McNairy originally became inspired for the collection after visiting Crye Precision, a brand whose military garb he was using for Bee Line. But after learning that the company had an entire all-black section made specially for SWAT teams and FBI, he took one look at it and, well, let's just say the rest is BBC history. Although styling black-on-black isn't exactly new, Pharrell says teaming up with McNairy injects new life into the look. "All-black everything has been a trend in hip hop over the past couple of years, but he approaches it differently," he explains. Oh, and here's the main reason you know BBC Black has the McNairy touch: according to Skateboard P, there's "that element of humor and not giving a f***-ness." We couldn't agree more. See for yourself in their video for below!


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