How You Can Get Rihanna's Karl Lagerfeld T-Shirt Style

Rihanna is #CCcertified in her Karl tee.
Photo: @Badgalriri Instagram

There's no denying that Rihanna is #CCcertified. Whether she's dripping in Chanel chains or wearing Karl Lagerfeld's face on her t-shirt, Robyn Fenty is an undeniable master of the double C's. Let's focus on that t-shirt for a second. Just last week, Ri popped up on Instagram wearing a watercolored white tee with her boy Karl's portrait painted on it, rocking the caption "I'm so #CCcertified u aint een know it!!" She paired the tee with a pair of cut off, frayed denim shorts; a black blazer; the aforementioned chains; Wayfarers and her signature bright red lip. Basically the look was perfect in its simplicity, while still being luxe and young and just a little silly. Is this yet another example of the ungettable amazingness that is Badgalriri's life? Or, could this be a rare example of one of Ri's looks that we could actually snag for ourselves? Turns out, although we can't find Ri's exact t-shirt (it was probably custom made for her by Karl himself, or something), there are plenty of options out there if you want to wear a Karl Lagerfeld tee yourself!

Karl Lagerfeld tee's to pair with your blazer and shorts.
Photo: Colette/ModeKungen/Net-A-Porter

We have a hunch that Rihanna's Karl tee is K By Karl Lagerfeld, and whatever it is it's exclusive to our girl at the moment, but that doesn't mean that you can't cop Ri's Karl tee style ASAP. The enigmatic designer is a big fan of putting his own face on his tees, and the cult of Karl is such that other people are as well. Some of our fave Karl tee's are by the man himself, like the Karl Lagerfeld Karl-print cotton-jersey T-shirt ($90), which paints his portrait in shocking pink or a more subtle version with Karl's portrait illustrated on the front ($99). Both options are cut slightly cropped, which we LOVE, and are undeniably KARL. If you want to go a more literal route, the ModeKungen Karl t-shirt (€44.27) shows the man himself mean-muggin on the entirety of the black tee's front, and it also comes in a tank top, if sleeves aren't so much your thing. Finally, courtesy of our friends at Colette, you can get a digitally distorted portrait of Karl (€75.00) in red. We think all of these options would look awesome with that black blazer and those jean cut offs that we KNOW you already have in your closet, and voila, you're Rihanna (ok, so maybe not, but at least you're a little closer).

What do you think of Rihanna's Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt style?

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