Beyonce Reveals Givenchy Met Gala Dress Sketch


Beyonce and the original sketch of her Met Gala Givenchy dress.
Photo: Getty Images/Beyonce's Tumblr

The Met Gala may have only been Monday night, but in Internet time, that's EONS. Just as we were starting to get over the shock (or perhaps more accurately, the confusion) of seeing our favorite celebs try to make that punk theme work, Beyonce brings the night's festivities back to the forefront of our psyche. Yep, we're thinking about Bey's Givenchy flame-engulfed gown again. Fire-tipped over-the-elbow gloves, thigh-high boots, grommeted belt and all. And why?? Because King Bey just uploaded the original Givenchy sketch to her personal website!

For the most part, everything looks pretty in sync. The fire-print damask. The impossible laser cut train. The hot rod color palette. Almost everything checks out. Almost everything. What's interesting about this sketch is that the original design of this ensemble features two pieces: a strapless, twisted/gathered bralette and the high-waisted skirt situation sitting separately. The gloves are missing, too. Perhaps Bey and Tisci felt it would look more regal as one cohesive gown and with fancier arm-swaddlings. What do you think of the original sketch?

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