5 Things We Learned From Hayley Williams' Topshop Interview

Hayley Williams talked music and fashion with Topshop.
Photo: via Topshop

Given the fact that many of us have grown up alongside Paramore (and still can recite the lyrics to "Misery Business" by heart, NBD), there's a LOT we already know about frontwoman Hayley Williams. She has a killer tights game, for example. And despite the fact that she's one of few people in the world who can pull off tangerine makeup, she still released an all-orange MAC collection for the masses (and we think that if we wear it, we'll somehow look like Hayley Williams... sigh). Not to mention, this girl loves affordable, easy fashion. She even sports it on the red carpet and looks totally awesome amidst the sea of sequins and mini-dresses. Whether it's a Zara jumpsuit or that Topshop "Dweeb" shirt, leave it to the singer to make shopping at the mall cool. But despite all these tidbits of information we've collected about Hayley and the guys over the years, turns out there's some stuff we STILL need to be schooled on, and our friends at Topshop are here to help. The U.K. brand quizzed the star on her tour essentials, style icons, and more...and no matter how much you THINK you know Hayley, the answers might surprise you. Get the scoop below!

1.) The new album is all about baby steps: "I guess the main idea behind the whole thing is getting up in the morning and just putting one foot in front of the other. Growing up. Rising above your own past and people’s limited expectations of you."

2.) The band members have a stylist: "If we’re doing a video or a big performance, our friend Elizabeth Barrois styles us. Well, except for Taylor. He’s adopted the Johnny Cash uniform. All black everything."

3.) But still, she would rather just dress herself: "For the most part though I really just like to dress myself. I know I’m not great at it… I don’t even know anything about fashion but I think that’s why I can enjoy it."

4.) Her style influences run gamut from rockers to the '90s: "Siouxsie Sioux, Cyndi Lauper, Gwen in the ’90s, Missy Elliot in the ’90s —remember the trash bag?—, oh and Scary Spice."

5.) Her tour bus feels—and smells!—like home: "I like the bus to feel like home. Candles, aromatherapy oils, herbal teas… And then of course my computer and other technical crap, which is why the world needs candles and aromatherapy in the first place."

{via Topshop}

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