You Can Dress Up Joe Jonas, Drake And More Celebs With This Amazing, Slightly Creepy Styling App

I picked out these outfits, NBD.
Photo: MTV

First off, I need to give it up to Complex for discovering the incredible amazingness that IS the Dress Up! Drake iPhone app. Thanks to their killer sleuthing skills, I unearthed a whole PLETHORA of celeb dress-up goodness that has (apparently) existed since 2012. You can style everyone from Joe Jonas to One Direction to Adele in tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and—if you’re lucky!—hair. But the best part about these Happy Girl Dress Up! apps is that they’re all free—the only catch being to get the premium outfits (a.k.a. the way, WAY better ones) you have have to pay more. *high-fives entire world* I had to take a couple of these bad boys for a spin, so I obviously downloaded Joe’s app first (sorry world, he’s my ~one~).

Aaaand this is what I was greeted with. :o I mean, I’m not quite sure how they can verify what type of briefs he wears, but these black undies do feel oddly right. I love that they also added his signature stubble and chiseled abs to complete the look. Side note: Very interesting choice to place him on stage while wearing no clothing. If they’re hinting at what we think they are, then MAMA LIKE.

I (eventually) started dressing him, but sadly the options were mostly too-tight clubby V-necks and ill-fitting trousers. I started to get frustrated at the inability to create a truly stylish ensemble and ALMOST paid the money to unlock the better options but resisted because then that means THEY WOULD HAVE WON. *evil cackle, thunderclap*

Instead, I started doing shiz like this, as in, I tried to find ways to make him look as ridic as possible. That’s when it started getting fun. I removed his shirt and shoes (but added a MUCH needed pendant chain necklace and sunglasses) to give him a “hot dude washing his souped-up Honda” vibe, which I’m really into. This continued for another, oh, 20 minutes until I downloaded Drake’s app and did the same semi-objectifying not-styling-styling thing to him. But, enough about me, I want y’all to try these out for yourself! They are available to download on iPhone and iPads right this second, so get stylin’ and let me know how it went in the comments below.

{via Complex}

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