Nicki Minaj Sports Crimpy Hair And Cut-Outs At Met Gala

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj at the Met Gala in New York on May 6.
Photo: Getty Images

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we are so into Nicki Minaj's new look. Gone are the days of loud neon prints and so-bright-it-could-blind-you wigs. The reigning queen of Young Money recently took a turn for the real, opting for a more "relatable look" that's both dressed down and cleaned up. Nicki kept her new look on lock when she walked the red carpet tonight at the Met Gala in a sleek navy blue Tommy Hilfiger gown. Baring some side ab with an on-trend cut out design, the "High School" hip hop star added dark red lips and matching nails to off-set her fierce platinum blonde—and VERY punk—hair. Part '70s style afro, part '80s crimped curls, Nicki paid homage to the gala theme with her 'do more than her dress. We're feeling the texture almost as much as we're digging those deep dark roots. Colorists are for clowns; give dem punks a bottle of bleach and a few months of grow out and you're ready to rage.

Though we're surprised by the simplicity of Nicki's look, we can't say we were shocked by her choice of designer. Earlier today, she hinted at her Barbz when she tweeted "Tommy Hilfiger is on his way up[...]" but we were floored—and envious!—when she quickly followed up with a pic of super sleek Rolex all wrapped up with a personal thanks from the designer himself! And what was Nicki's reaction? Only a coy, "Oh gee, thx Tommy." What a thoughtful date that dude is. Rose gold is... not exactly what we would consider punk but it's definitely appropriate for the Pink Friday princess. And hey, punk isn't always about the outfit anyway. Punk is about putting your middle fingers up and saying. "IMA DO ME" and, hello, that's what Nicki does on the day to day.


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